Brownell & Company

Recent Work

Assignments undertaken since retirement from Boston Consulting Group

2014 Assignments

  • Accelerated business development for a financial planning firm
  • Implementation of strategic plan, including search for acquisitions, for a multi-national firm of stockbrokers

2013 Assignments

  • Strategic planning project and sales force restructure for Great Southern Press
  • Long-term strategic planning project for Comcater
  • Review of strategic plans for R Corporation (property developer)
  • Strategic planning for the wealth management division of a multi-national firm of stockbrokers
  • Accelerating business development for a financial planning practice
  • Chairman of the Australian business of the UK’s leading Real Estate IT company, Reapit

2012 Assignments

  • Recruitment of a Chairman for an ASX listed company
  • Assisting Reapit, the leading supplier of IT systems to the UK Real Estate Industry, to establish an Australian operation, including recruitment of a CEO
  • Developing an organisational framework for teamwork and collaboration and development of a single, united strategic plan for the three major organisations in the Youth Mental Health Sector
  • Strategy Project for the Noble Group's Mongolian exploration business followed by an organisation restructure

2011 Assignments

  • Strategy Review for Pacific Brands
  • Strategy Review for Tatts Group
  • 360 Reviews for the CEO and Program Directors of The Grattan Institute
  • Organisation Development for the National Gallery of Victoria
  • Board Governance Review for Toll Holdings
  • Workshop for Directors and Senior Executives of Charter Security
  • Development and implementation of KPIs for Gloucester Coal

2010 Assignments

  • Strategic Reviews for Pacific Brands, Foley's List and The Eye and Ear Hospital
  • CEO/Board Reviews for Pacific Brands Limited and Melbourne IT
  • Risk Management / Accreditation Review for Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
  • Strategic Analysis Program for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Strategy and Organisation Reviews for Gloucester Coal and Noble Resources Australia
  • Strategy development for Noble's global network of hard commodity businesses (Noble is one of the world's leading commodity traders, based in Hong Kong)

2009 Assignments

  • Strategic Planning for Comcater, The Royal Women's Hospital and Jumbuck Entertainment
  • Culture Change for Nestle Oceania and Nestle Pakistan
  • Senior Executive Teambuilding for Pacific Brands
  • Search assignments to find a Chairman, a Managing Director and several non-executive directors for ASX listed corporations
  • Board reviews, CEO 360 reviews and Organisation Reviews for a number of ASX 200 companies and the National Gallery of Victoria
  • Joined the Board of Gloucester Coal Limited
  • Strategic Capability Review for Integrated Research Ltd

2008 Assignments

  • Supply Chain review for the Hunter Valley Coal Chain (The World's largest coal export operation)
  • Due Diligence and Post merger Integration for a technical services organisation
  • Governance and CEO 360 Reviews for a number of ASX 200 companies
  • Recruitment of a new Chairman for an ASX listed company and two NEDs
  • Strategy and Organisation reviews for Nestle Oceania (Australia and Pacific Basin)
  • Strategy Implementation for an ASX 200 company
  • Strategy Planning for Comcater and The Song Room
  • Joined the Board of Donaldson Coal (formerly a client)

2007 Assignments

  • Business Case development for a Customer Relationship Management/ Ticketing system for the Victorian Arts Centre (the largest Performing Arts facility in Australia)
  • Strategic Planning for the Arts Centre
  • Strategy development (5 year) for the largest distributor of commercial catering equipment in Australia
  • Strategic Planning for the WA Forest Products Commission
  • Strategic Leadership Program and Board Review for Melbourne IT
  • Post Merger Integration Planning for Suncorp-Metway (with BCG)
  • Philanthropy Strategy for the Arts Centre

2006 Assignments

  • Corporate Strategy Development for Ahrens Engineering
  • Strategic Review for The Victorian Major Events Company
  • CEO 360 and Board Reviews for a number of clients
  • Implementation of Legal Services Commissioner's Organisation
  • “Influencing Strategy” Workshops for AICD
  • Service Delivery Review for Save The Children (with BCG)
  • Strategy Development and Implementation for OAMPS
  • Restructuring of the Electricity Industry in Queensland (with BCG)
  • Victorian Water Cycle (re-cycling) Feasibility Review
  • Global Strategy Review for Nautor's Swan (Yachts) (with BCG)
  • Strategic Planning for the WA Forest Products Commission
  • Strategic Review for The Arts Centre
  • Strategic / Organisation Review for The Royal Children's Hospital
  • Post Merger Integration Planning for OAMPS / Wesfarmers
  • Planning a new CRM / Ticketing system for the Arts Centre
  • Implementation Leadership Workshop for Korea's #2 Telco (with BCG)

2003-2005 Assignments

  • Merging Melbourne Business School with Mt. Eliza Business School
  • Leadership Development and Performance Management Programs for AaE
  • Organisational Capability Review for Emergency Communications Victoria (ECV)
  • Culture Change and Performance Management Program for AMES
  • Post-Merger Integration Planning for Carter Holt Harvey
  • Claims Management Education program planning for VWA / TAC
  • Board Reviews (annual), Strategy and Capability Development for Melbourne IT
  • 5 Year Plan for a leading Golf Club
  • Performance measurement and Strategy/ Culture Development for OAMPS
  • Team Effectiveness training for BCG (S.E.Asia & Worldwide Officer Meeting)
  • Freight Strategy Workshop for Qantas
  • Design and conduct of "Influencing Strategy" Workshops for AICD (National rollout in 2006)
  • Corporate Services Strategy Review for Southcorp
  • Organisation Design for the Legal Services Commissioner in Victoria
  • Cost reduction via shared 'back offices' for a range of charities (WIP)
  • Operating Efficiency and Organisation Review for the Spirit of Tasmania
  • Senior Executive Development Planning at Doosan (Korea)
  • Corporate strategy and capability review for AMRAD